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Perfumes and tailoring garments

Stella Mc Cartney is a modern story that celebrates a feminine and seductive style dedicated to young and dynamic clients. But it’s not just about sustainable fashion: for the summer season, Stella Mc Cartney has decided to launch the new POP fragrance. Topical, intense and irreverent, POP is the perfume for a new generation of women.

POP Bluebell is the new fragrance by Stella Mc Cartney that expresses individuality, sustainability and a new kind of beauty. With POP Bluebell, young women who pay homage to the original fragrance leave for a deeper and darker journey with a newly found experience and inner strength.

The bright, fresh and delicate flower of the bluebells combines with the sensuality of sandalwood to give new intensity to the original POP. The latest bio-mimetic ecological technologies were used to create the fragrance, as Stella Mc Cartney prioritises sustainability.

“True and lasting friendship allows us to grow by creating a deep sense of intimacy, generosity and courage. Bluebells represent this perfectly. They’re a wonderful flower, but its main feature is strength. It buries its roots deeply to prepare to blossom.” Stella McCartney

Our four creative museums are back for POP Bluebell: a group of unique and dynamic women who represent a new way of thinking and a new refinement. The campaign by photographer Glen Luchford sees stars of the likes of Grimes (aka Claire Boucher), Kenya’s Kinski-Jones, Amandla Stenberg and Lola Leon, the new emerging POP babies.

POP, together with the characteristic fragrance STELLA, forms a pair of complementary styles: the young and stimulating girl embodied by POP and the multifaceted and naturally confident woman celebrated in STELLA. The fragrance, reinvented in a new, fresh look in 2014 with the new Lara Stone campaign, remains a sensual combination of fresh and hot pink and warm amber notes, inspired by the stylist’s constant interest in contrasts and contradictions.