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Selfie mania seems unstoppable! Presidents, rock stars and actors have trailblazed the trend of posting self-portraits on the social networks.

So everyone is posing in front of their cell phones and digital cameras ready to immortalize their best side with just the right mix of humor and narcissism.

We need hardly say that make-up is paramount for a good selfie, and it’s that much cooler if you take inspiration from new trends seen on the catwalk.


Spring/Summer make-up is simple yet striking, understated and elegant.

The make-up base on your face should have a subtle, bright and nude look. For vanquishing flaws, you should apply a primer and a light “nude effect” foundation. Blush takes on soft hues of pink and peach, which you can artfully shade on your cheekbones to give the contour of your face better definition in person and in photos alike.

Pastel purples and yellows color your eyes. Smokey eyes never fail; mixing black with new colors gives depth to your camera eyes.

On your lips, forget about the passé “duck face” look and go for natural volume from lipstick in nude glossy hues, or in the never-out-of-style red mixed with orange for the new season.

For your hands, often caught too in selfie fever, choose hues of blue, orange or flesh with glitter.

Skillfully applied make-up is the way to go to get a nice, natural selfie without resorting to filters or Photoshop!