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How to dazzle and sizzle at parties

At Christmas it is virtually impossible to resist the temptation to use gold. In all its nuances, gold is the colour of reference for festive makeup trends. This year, golden hot flashes are contaminated by bronze strokes, for a beauty look that will dazzle and sizzle.

Bronze makeup is a great alternative to the classic gold, a perfect colour to be worn every day. It boasts metallic flashes, emphasizing your eyes and facial make-up and lips, making it a chic choice that also combines well with light golden hues.

The Armani Beauty line will let you create a perfect golden bronze make-up for the festive season. Eye & Brow Maestro is an innovative, multi-purpose product that challenges the rules of make-up art. Inspired by the theatre backstage and developed using the latest technology, Eye & Brow Maestro in a woody bronze tone can be used as an eyeliner, an eye shadow or even an eyebrow pencil. Eyes to Kill Intense presents an innovative approach that combines superior quality and long lasting colours, and highlights the eye contour with a new 3D intensity. Available in gold blitz, it is incredibly easy to use: it can be applied wet or dry, with your fingers or with a brush.

Golden bright reflections are not only dominating the makeup section but fragrances too. The amber and gold tones in Sì Le Parfum celebrate a voluptuous woman. The radiant energy of blueberries meets glowing amber in a contrast of light and shadow, the legacy of high traditional perfumery. The scent of roses and chypre give this precious eau de parfum a novel touch. Sophisticated and elegant, the Sì Le Parfum in a transparent pure glass bottle comes wrapped in a refined pouch as a tribute to traditional haute parfumerie, making it the perfect Christmas gift.