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Relax and enjoy beauty treatments surrounded by the sea

A few steps from the sea, immersed in the magnificent park of the Hotel Villa Undulna, the Terme della Versilia is the ideal place to take refuge and be lulled by the beneficial properties of thermal water and peat.

The Spas of Versilia are an enchanted place where you can breathe the sea air, enjoy the beauties of the park, relax with rejuvenating massages and enjoy the benefits of spa treatments rich in bromide-iodine water. The waters at the Terme della Versilia are rich in mineral salts, in particular sodium, iodine and bromine. They are classified as pure salsobromoiodic thermal water, a true gift of nature, formed over millions of years in the depths of the Earth, passing through layers of salt evaporated from the sea that once covered the area. The high concentrations of iodine and sodium give it strong anti-inflammatory properties, as iodine acts by stimulating the immune system, while sodium dries up the stagnation of liquids, a real prodigious cocktail that loosens muscular tension and fights inflammation.

Peat is an entirely natural substance, extracted from Lake Massaciuccoli and left to mature at least six months in dedicated decanting tanks with our thermal water. It possesses valuable chemical elements which confer it excellent anti-inflammatory, de-contracting and analgesic properties. Unlike common thermal mud, the Peat at Versilia Spa is applied on the body at room temperature, and as it is rich in mineral salts, vitamins and selenium, it not only has anti-inflammatory properties, but is also used in skin beauty treatments such as face masks and cleansing lotions.