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This collection of shoes inspired by the dreamland of fairy tales takes charm and femininity to new heights.

All women were once little girls, and deep in their souls is a fascination for the fairy tales that helped them dream and grow up.

Sergio Rossi seems to have understood this well, inviting women to discover their inner imaginative dreamers, giving them original shoes whose designs overflow with fairy tale inspirations.

If you love the Jungle Book, the Donyale collection was made for you, with simple sandals with stiletto heels and a beautiful band wrapping around the instep in a mix of animal patterns printed on quality ponyhair with soft calfskin details.

If you’ve got a more aquatic bent and love the translucent scales of mermaid, look for the insta-classic, cut-out Mermaid model, high heels in brilliant, bold colors.

If you go in less for adventure and rather have romantic stories about fairies and princesses, check out the Flora collection of jeweled sandals, which climb softly up your ankles with glittering petals and leaves, finely crafted and embellished with colorful shining points. They will give your feet wings to fly just in time for the ball.