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A trip to Southern France

The bond that unites the scents and the land of Provence is very strong. It is precisely in southern France, in the area that extends from the left bank of the Rhone river to the border with Italy, that perfume art developed. A trip to Provence is an immersion of colors and scents: from the purple fields of lavender and jasmine to the villages perched on the mountains.

Perfumes and aromas are also found in Provençal gastronomy, rich in traditional flavors, ancient links with the land and unusual combinations.

Absolute protagonist in Provence is lavender. From June to mid-August the fields near Grasse, considered the world capital of perfumes, explode with perfumes. We advise to do the Lavender Itinerary, a 65 km route, between June and July, when everything is purple. Starting from Cavaillon you see many villages such as Coustellet and Chateau du Bois, both of which boast the Lavender Museum.

There are many products that can be tasted: from honey with lavender to natural remedies for insect bites. Lavender has numerous properties: sedative, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. In particular, the essential oil obtained from this plant is used for numerous purposes.

Another typical product is the Marseille soap, of every fragrance, shape and color, including olive oil, excellent in quality.

In addition to lavender, the South of France offers mint, bay leaf, basil and rosemary. Precious ingredients for infusions, able to awaken the mind and add a good mood to the day. Used for centuries in the typical cuisine of these areas, aromatic herbs are a precious ingredient for daily well-being, adding a special touch to each dish. Omnipresent garlic that finds its maximum expression in aioli, a powerful mayonnaise. It’s not a coincidence that Provence has the largest number of Michelin-star restaurants in France.