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After its success of New York, coming to Europe is the show telling the story of the talent of a groundbreaking, provocative designer.

Was Alexander McQueen the most eclectic and innovative designer of the last two decades? Probably so.

The career of the English designer was as brilliant as it was brief, brought to an end by his suicide in 2010. As Donatella Versace said in her farewell, “His imagination had no limits”.

Named “Best British designer” four times, Alexander McQueen always pushed the accelerator on creativity to an extreme. Consider his legendary “Armadillo” shoes with their 20-to-30 centimeter heels and shape many models deemed dangerous.

Armadillo shoes

Every McQueen show seemed like a provocation: in form, color, and in choice of location. He was also always a flashpoint of controversy. This is why his work is still studied and admired today.

An exhibition dedicated to Alexander McQueen‘s talent was put on at the MET in New York called “Savage Beauty”, and it will be recreated in spring 2015 in London. The show, overseen by Sarah Burton — McQueen‘s former assistant and his heir — promises to be a must-see event for all the European fashionistas. It will feature about 100 “mise-en-scenes” and 70 accessories, primarily from the Alexander McQueen Archive in London.

From the Alexander McQueen‘s catwalk