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An intimate dinner at the culinary workshop of Florence

A 14th century villa on Viale Europa in Florence hosts the recently renovated Convivium, an all-out wine and food workshop with a new look and new spirit. Years of experience have made this restaurant a historic name in Florence while the restaurant finds new life in a project combining haute cuisine and hospitality thanks to the artful contribution of chef Beatrice Segoni.

Convivium is being relaunched following a new concept which has involved redecorating the kitchen and rooms, making it an ideal stop for romantic dinners and work meetings. The restaurant’s emblem, a rampant red lion holding an olive branch between its claws, fully embodies the original concept at the source of this project, namely rediscovering and reinterpreting the values of the old Florentine and Tuscan cuisine with a modern twist. Norwegian salmon, French cheese, Spanish ham, fresh pasta, caviar and truffles from San Miniato are just some of the raw ingredients that make up an incredibly rich menu. As well as fresh produce, there is a vast choice of local products such as jams, chocolate, mustard and preserves of exceptionally good quality. The wine and food selection includes a list of over 1000 French wines and champagne.

The Convivium now boasts a beautiful visible kitchen and dining area which has been tastefully decorated in a minimalist style, making it the ideal spot for St Valentine’s but also for a journey into a world of taste.