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An American actor interprets the all-Italian style

Brioni presents its new advertising campaign with iconic American actor Samuel L. Jackson, a perfect choice that embodies the refined style and elegance of the all-Italian brand.

A huge film icon, L. Jackson is recognized as the highest-value actor in history thanks to his extraordinary interpretations in films such as Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, Django Unchained and The Avengers, in which he embodied some of the most memorable movie characters of our time. Produced in Los Angeles by photographer Gregory Harris, these black and white images feature the intimate and iconic character, creating a subtle mix of eternal and contemporary atmospheres, in perfect balance with the brand’s heritage and its sartorial savoir faire.

Founded in Rome in 1945, Brioni is still known today as the key luxury brand in men’s tailored clothing. The craftsmanship of Brioni‘s tailors is visible in every detail that distinguishes the processing of Brioni‘s garments and accessories. The Brioni brand is a deposit of Italian tailoring know-how, the inventor of the so-called Roman style that still allows customers to wear unique and prestigious garments in a harmonious dialogue between body, personality and contemporary attitudes.

Today Brioni offers collections of tailor-made items, but also ready-to-wear products, accessories, shoes and handbags. Known throughout the world for sartorial excellence and urban elegance, Brioni continues to be the choice brand of powerful and influential men, including Clark Gable, Henry Fonda, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama, all characterized by the unmistakably made-in-Italy features. This unmistakable style is played up by Samuel L. Jackson who brings fresh light to a unique art, an Italian emblem handed down from generation to generation.