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Embroidery, the new ultra-chic winter decor

Alberta Ferretti’s love story with art history continues. Autumn is the romantic season par excellence, reflected in details and applications that will give you an ultra-chic style of baroque reminiscence that just won’t go unnoticed.

The trend this year is a classy statement. Clothing and accessories will be precious and rich, full of decorations, embellished with jacquard and brocade motifs that recall wallpapers and tapestries in medieval castles. After a period in which the minimalism that inspired the 90’s seemed to have taken the upper hand, here is an intricate Baroque comeback, expressing a strong and creative personality. One of the reasons – if not the strongest – which brings us back to the aesthetics of the turn of the 17th century, is a passion for that luxurious French and European countryside.

Once again, Alberta Ferretti has fearlessly toyed around with the trend and made it her own so that any woman can wear it. The baroque inspiration in Alberta Ferretti’s creations comes from an idea of feminine elegance that has its roots in art and architecture. The references that we find in her clothes are multiple, but they all draw from the same imagery. A refined, lush and full-bodied panoply of textures, which is primarily expressed in the choice of materials and colours. Arabesques dancing on brocade and jacquard, velvet and tweed introduce us to the autumnal weather. Accordingly, the shades and colours range from black, white, deep red and rust, a foretaste of the colours to come in the future months. In contrast, embroidered ornamental motifs in gold, cream and blue are used to embellish matching tones.