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Theatre, Dance and Digital Art

Twenty-two spaces in the capital to discover and live together. As every year, the Romaeuropa Festival hosts a selection of international theatre, music, dance and visual arts shows in the most evocative halls and areas of the city. This tourist and cultural itinerary runs from 17 September to 24 November with 126 events and 377 artists from 27 countries.

In the bend of the Tiber that touches the Flaminio district and the Olympic Village two modern architectural gems of Rome stand out: the monumental complexes of the Auditorium of the Parco della Musica and MAXXI – the National Museum of 21st century Arts. The four main halls designed by Renzo Piano will host numerous performances of Romaeuropa, including the opening and the final evening. The inauguration of Romaeuropa Festival 2019 will be staged on 17 September with Brazilian Lia Rodrigues and her Favela presenting Fury: contemporary dance and the energy of ritual music from New Caledonia characterising a frantic pièce of contemporary tribalism.

Bruno Beltrao is also a newcomer from Brazil with his Grupo De Rua, while William Forsythe and Aurelien Bory return to ReF in October and November with a new portrait dedicated to Indian dancer Shantala Shivalingappa. The choreographed events by Merce Cunningham are set up once more by former dancer Jeannie Steele for the Rambert company’s dance troupe, with live music by Philip Selway (Radiohead) and paintings by Gerard Richter.

They construct complex and articulated reflections on our present with some of the most acclaimed theatre directors of the contemporary scene: Swiss Milo Rau sets Aeschylus’ Oresteiain Mosul, in the context of the war against the IS; German Thomas Ostermeier together with Sonia Bergamasco brings to the stage Back toReimsby French sociologist Didier Eribon; Ascanio Celestini explores the world of jokes with clichés and self-irony; Saverio la Ruina reconstructs the relationship between an Italian and a Muslim in the Abruzzo region of the earthquake victims, while young talent Julien Gosselin tries his hand at the text Falcee Martello by Don Delillo.

For the first time at the festival, French actress Cyril Teste brings iconic actress Isabelle Adjani to re-read a cult of world cinema: Opening Night by Cassavetes. The counterpart to this journey into the mind of an actress is Jan Fabre’s autobiographical and introspective text The Night Writer.

The Digitalive section is dedicated to digital subcultures and virtual tribes: a four-day programming in the slaughterhouse spaces beyond any disciplinary category or genre classification. More music with the Grand Finale of the Romaeuropa Festival 2019 realized in collaboration with theFondazione Musica per Roma. On 24 November all the halls of the Auditorium Parco della Musica will be involved in an exceptional line-up consisting mainly of the much-awaited return of Ryuichi Sakamoto alongside Alva Noto to present Two.