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Roberto Cavalli has launched a collaboration agreement with Target, the department store chain of Australian origin. This is not the first time the Tuscan stylist uses his creativity on behalf of a low-cost department store, to the joy of his fashion victims.

A preview of the new Capsule Collection was presented in Sydney and, at the end of October, the entire line was launched at the various Target stores.

Items range from sumptuous eveningwear, through glamorous bathing costumes, to more casual daytime wear.

Accompanying every item are scintillating accessories with an animal and floral print leitmotiv, the distinguishing features of this fashion brand.

The face of the beautiful Karolina Kurkova, the famous Czech model, is being used for this campaign, highlighting all the dress items with their accessible prices.

The Collection is clearly selling like hot cakes and the items can be seen by browsing on the Target website.

Dresses with billowing oversize skirts and semi-transparent and printed fabrics; the same colours and the same motifs are also found in the mini-dress and blouse version.

Decorations are water-green and white with a giraffe motif, black and white zebra stripes, black and silver on python-skin costumes.

Sophisticated and elegant, they enhance the femininity of the woman who chooses Roberto Cavalli.

As the stylist himself says, “When I decided to create this Collection, I imagined a fabulous party with women dressed in a glamorous and sensual fashion. Of course, there are lots of prints, because they are part of my DNA. My inspiration for both prints and dresses always comes from the wonders of nature: fantasy, colour and pleasure!

He has certainly hit the target!

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