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A unique destination on the banks of the Arno

Riva Lofts Florence is the perfect expression of a new hospitality trend, offering a combination of homely yet exotic feelings that let you experience modern vibes in different places and historical times.

Riva Lofts Florence was born from a complex of buildings dated 1880, a small village in the Tuscan countryside, then transformed into a group of craft workshops. In 1999 it became an architect’s studio and subsequently a guest house signed by the architect himself.

Nine apartments were designed in the spirit of French studios, blending a metropolitan lifestyle with a cozy and domestic atmosphere that reflects the landlady’s charisma. The complex, clear-cut and modern volumes give off a warm feeling through a mixture of historical elements, modern objects, 50s furniture, old and new materials like wood and chorion and sophisticated designer items.

As part of this blend of ideas, tastes, philosophies and lifestyles, next to the architect’s studio lies a large living room with stone walls, cross vaults, bookshelves and a large fireplace overlooking the the private garden and the spectacular white sandstone pool. A large living room overlooks the garden and features stone walls and vaulted ceilings, housing the main Riva Lofts common area. Breakfast is served here although during the day you can also relax reading a book from the well-stocked library, simply chatting in front of the fireplace, sipping a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

The green Tuscan countryside frames the Riva Lofts garden from which you can enjoy suggestive views of the historic Parco delle Cascine. The pool boasts crystal clear water  and is made of sharp white sandstone and shaped in regular and geometric patterns, giving it a near-metaphysical character. The garden and its hammocks, Balinese chairs and sun loungers are an irresistible temptation to relax.