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Knuckle Rings are all the rage

Knuckle rings have become a fad in Italy and are the new item in terms of jewellery for the 2015 spring-summer season. These very thin rings can be worn alone or in a group on the first or second phalanx of your fingers, turning the simplest outfit into a choice of style. The word says it all: knuckle rings are worn close to the knuckle.

These rings have become fashionable in recent seasons, but their origins go as far back as the Renaissance, when aristocratic ladies would were them around the top part of their fingers to emphasise the soft and gentle lines of their extremities and distance themselves from less fortunate women who had hardened and coarse hands. This time they must be as thin as possible, in yellow or pink gold or silver, and ideally without any eye-catching stones: knuckle rings owe their refined look to simplicity.

The rings will also enhance the beauty of your hands, so make sure you get the perfect manicure before you wear them and this summer opt for the trendiest varnish colours.