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Great cinema in the French Riviera

The 32nd Rencontres Cinématographiques of Cannes  more than ever the venue for all the meetings. Meetings with the cinema obviously, previews in classic films, fiction, documentaries, short films: more than 60 films and more than a hundred screenings. From the Théâtre de La Licorne to the Miramar hall, passing through Studio 13, the Arcades and not forgetting Le Cannet’s cinema, the Seventh Art invades the entire city of Cannes. Meetings also between public and professionals present, in the friendly and warm atmosphere that characterizes the event. Presentation of the films, discussions at the end of the screenings, masterclasses at the Lycée Carnot and the Arcades, the opportunities for exchange are innumerable.

Cannes and the cinema, this is a meeting that continues to bear fruit a few months after the opening of the Cineum multiplex at La Bocca which will further increase the Cannes program and its events. But these Cannes Rencontres Cinématographiques are the other Cannes Film Festival, the Autumn Festival reserved specifically for the public, dedicated not to those who make the cinema but to those who see it: the passionate spectators. And the passions are increased by the discovery, the debate, the dialogue that I am as always in the program of this winter meeting dear to Cannes.