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Energy, passion and femininity 

Red, more than a logo, identifies Valentino‘s style and history. You can’t say red without naming Valentino, who has turned this colour into the key to his global success. Attracted by red since he was a child, when he played in his aunt’s trimmings shop, he later went to work at Jean Dessès’ in Paris and at the Opera House in Barcelona, and was struck by the vermilion costumes. During the show he had an epiphany: the red costumes on the stage made women look like geraniums. This is how red became Valentino‘s favourite colour, so much so that he declares that after black and white there is no colour more beautiful than red.

Since the first fashion show in 1962 at Pitti Palace, the use of this vivid colour was set to make history. Dubbed by all Valentino red, this glamourous tint that has fascinated us for over 50 years is a hue between carmine, purpura and cadmium. Showy and at the same time elegant, Valentino red accompanies the creations of the Valentino fashion house with undisputed class. Choosing a Valentino red dress means to stand out and become a mouthpiece for the brand’s magic.

The couturier himself stated: “Red is a colour that I carry with me from childhood. It has such vitality and charm that I love to see it not only on clothes, but also in homes, flowers, objects and details. It’s my lucky charm. A woman dressed in red can’t go wrong, as red simply suits everyone. Red is strong yet also a non-colour, a neutral nuance just as much as black, brown, blue or white. Quite different to pale green and pastel colours. It gives out plenty of energy and polishes a style. Red is life, passion and love, a remedy against sadness. I think that a woman dressed in red, especially at night, is simply wonderful. It makes her stand out from the crowd as the perfect image of a hero. An idea of women that also appeals to men.