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A history of a thousand years

Red is the colour of life, passion and love. It is no coincidence, therefore, that red lipstick has accompanied women for millennia on their journey through fashions and time.

Ancient cultures, from Hebrew to Hindu, believed in the sensual and propitiatory power of red. The first traces of red lipstick can be found in Sumerians in 2800 BC in the tomb of a princess, where a golden casket contained red powder paste and an applicator brush. The story of red lipstick evolves by imposing itself on women’s fashion and style especially at the time of the French Grandeur – from the court of the Sun King to that of Maria Antonietta – until finally affirming itself as a cult object in 1915. Lipstick became a must for women of all ages and class, even in its most notorious shades of red. Since the 1920s, red nuances have never ceased to entice. In our day, red is recognized as a symbol of power, democracy and nonconformity.

The secret of this success is all in the right hue. Red is in itself a sensational and breath-taking colour, both as make up and as a garment, which will always make you stand out. Some designers have created an ad hoc gradient of red, such as Valentino and his Rosso Valentino, blending the primary colour with intense orange nuances to enhance its tone and impact.

Giorgio Armani has also created a dream lipstick, Armani Rouge, or the ecstasy of red, taking red to another level which is more than colour, comfort and high definition. Simply more than simple lipstick.