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Few bloggers have broken through the fashion ranks like Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller. Much more than a quirky name, the blog takes its wit from Medina’s motto: “Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate. And that is fantastic.”

Leandra’s blog is full of outfit posts and witty text that lauds the man-repelling qualities of sartorial stand-bys such as wedges, layering, nerdy specs, shoulder pads, and arm parties (for the uninitiated, arm parties consist of wrists piled high with bracelets, bangles and watches galore). It is all about the ‘challenging looks’ – bra over a T-shirt– and features the things we are often told (correctly or incorrectly) that straight men hate to see women wear: dungarees, harem pants, and even turbans. It’s an obvious joke she’s making – designers often send a lot of ludicrously unwearable items down the catwalk, but they are still worn and loved by women because what is fashion if not fun? But it also sends a subtler and more necessary message: men – it’s not always (and more often than not isn’t) for or about you.

The Man Repeller features fun shots of the 24 year old wearing these looks, as the Turkish/Iranian New Yorker fashion addict could wear nothing but school uniforms while she was attending Ramaz, the private Jewish Orthodox prep school. She started the blog in 2010 as a hobby and her brainwave came to her during a trip to Topshop with friend Rachel Strugatz: together they noticed that what was on trend at the time was so ‘man-repelling’, such as acid-washed harem pants and enormous shoulder pads.

Only three days after its launch, The Man Repeller blog was featured on the viral fashion blog Refinery29, accelerating its rise to public prominence.

The Man Repeller now, thanks to a seamless blend of style reporting, personal reflections, and social commentary, all infused with the writer’s idiosyncratic wit, has an audience of more than 184,000 Twitter followers, 547,200 Instagram followers and 144,000 Facebook followers. In 2012 she was featured in Forbes’s ‘Top 30 Under 30’ as one of the year’s most influential trendsetters and her blog was recognized in TIME’s ’25 Best Blogs of 2012’ and in 2013 she also appeared in Fast Company’s ‘100 Most Creative People’.

Medine’s charm also opened doors for design collaborations with brands like Dannijo and Del Toro Shoes. Her original and fresh style has just been released in shape of a book, ‘Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls’, whose synopsis is best given by the author herself: “There are stories about all kinds of weird things like seer sucker bermuda shorts and the ankle length white socks I forgot to take off the first time I engaged in sexual intercourse.”