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Live music, visual art and contemporary culture in Pistoia

R.Mutt 1917 is a place in Pistoia where live music, visual art and contemporary culture meet, with a name that pays homage to art history and the city.

The name R. Mutt 1917 is in fact the sign that appears on the fountain by Marcel Duchamp, a work that marks the passage to a new concept of art in which the spectator’s point of view becomes an integral part of the artistic process.

R. Mutt 1917 is therefore not a cocktail bar like all others, characterized by a specific musical genre, but an innovative nightclub, combining art and music with one of the most beautiful cities in Tuscany. Housed in a 13th century oratory, it is a dynamic space that undergoes continuous transformations, thanks to video mappings that take place every night.

The historical and architectural context in which it is located defines the soul of R. Mutt 1917. To discover it, you will need to infiltrate the narrow streets of the historical centre of Pistoia, with just a dim light to illuminate the secret passages and alleys. In this particular context, creativity contaminates itself, creating an infinite game of reflexes that involves all the senses, ever-changing visual installations, the music that accompanies them, and the flavours of a cocktail made to art.

R. Mutt 1917 is not a disco, it’s not a cocktail bar, it’s not just a club. Inspiration comes directly from the atmospheres of the classic American bars invoking the artistic flair of an overseas club. R. Mutt 1917 is a nod to speakeasies, clandestine bars that sold alcoholic drinks during the prohibition period. R. Mutt 1917 is a point of reference and a sign of the change that has been transforming Pistoia since it became Capital of Culture in 2017.