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Finding an everyday object on the cutting edge of fashion

Holders of secrets and memories (and money, of course). Wallets speak volumes about us and are strategically important. Choose the right one and it could last you long and suit your needs forever.

First thing is to think about the size. There are those who want an XL wallet to keep pictures, concert tickets and receipts in family-size numbers. Big wallets might seem a bit overwhelming, but they always have room for membership cards, coins and all your sundries.

Wallets from Gucci‘s collection

On the other end of the spectrum is the classic bi-fold wallet, which are simple and convenient but less roomy, of course. Great if you like to have your cards always organized and in their place. They might have a coin compartment or just ones for bills and cards. Then there are the different closure options: basic, zippered or with an elastic band.

Every detail gives each wallet its own nuance. There are many options in materials, too, ranging from leather, canvas and rubber to eco-friendly textiles, letting you choose a style perfectly suiting your look. That goes for the colors too; you can choose from solid, darker hues or more daring ones like red or yellow, or choose a wallet printed with the brand name.

Your options are limitless so you can fit your personality to a T. Gucci wallets, for instance, always offer a varied, sophisticated array, and you’ll find them at The Mall luxury outlet.

So, get a move on. No time like the present to give yourself or others a fantastic gift!

Wallets from Gucci‘s collection