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An observatory with its sights pointed on olfactory culture

From Friday 8 to Sunday 10 September 2017, Pitti Fragranze is the Pitti Immagine fair- event that brings the best global artistic perfumery proposals to Florence. And a series of talk-events and projects will take stock of the trends in olfactory culture today: a focus on the new frontiers of sustainability and on exotic spices, all within a completely revamped layout.

A unique platform-observatory on the universe of perfume at the Stazione Leopolda: the most exclusive essences, the latest ideas in the field of beauty and wellbeing, as well as lines of cosmetics and sophisticated accessories proposed by 220 maisons (63% of which from abroad), and the most qualified brands on the world panorama, plus the new talents on the international artistic perfumery scene. Every year, in September, the sector’s leading names and most authoritative noses meet in Florence to discuss the latest trends in olfactory culture and the indissoluble link between fragrances and lifestyle today.

Blooming Newforms is the new theme for Fragranze 2017. Blooming, the passage from bud to flower, from the still-uncertain to a finished and perfect state: blooming in the sense of transformation, the most suitable metaphor for the artisan craft of the person who, starting with subtle and impalpable sensations, ends up creating precious substances, products that are concrete yet at the same time difficult to define with words, like fragrances. From the theme of the Pitti Immagine summer fairs – Boom, Pitti Blooms – comes the idea for the new Pitti Fragranze concept – Blooming Newforms – which presents a new dimension of the world of fragrances made up of digitally inspired visual shapes, devised for contemporary social network platforms and the public of digital natives, that transform into the things we see living and moving around on the screens of our devices.