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The international perfume fair

Fragranze – the international exhibition/event – is an exceptional observatory on the world of olfactory culture, bringing the best proposals in artistic perfumery to Florence in September.

With over 220 brands from all over the world, Pitti Immagine Fragranze maintains its selection criteria, reasearch and great attention to quality. Fragrances are the physical perception of an impalpable object: the fragrance is invisible until it rests on the skin, expanding and revealing its shape. What shape does a fragrance have? What are the spatial boundaries and the duration of a sensation, for a material that is devoid of consistency? These are the themes that inspired the concept of the new communication campaign by Fragranze and the new layout of the exhibition venue. The references to answer these questions are the works of some important artists, undisputed masters of spatialism, who gave life to plastic reliefs and three-dimensional volumes created from a flat surface. But also the games of abstract lights, in which space is made a malleable surface, and lights and shadows create floating lines. An enigmatic and fascinating theme staged at the Stazione Leopolda, which is told through 9 key concepts and 9 letters, as in the word FRAGRANZE.

The novelty in this edition is that Pitti Immagine Fragranze involves the city of Florence in a path of events and initiatives through museums, historic buildings, gardens, perfume boutiques, concept stores and starred restaurants, uniquely combining fragrances, history, art, fashion, literature, food and botany. The side events dedicated to perfume in the city include a series of initiatives and themed tastings in starred restaurants and great eateries of the Florentine food culture.