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Images and revolutions in fashion photography

Milan is at the forefront of November’s hot dates with the first festival dedicated to photography by Vogue Italia. Open until 26 November, the Vogue Photo Festival will be an opportunity to admire the evolution and revolutions of fashion photography.

The Vogue Photo Festival is a unique event, the first of an annual series that involves the city of Milan as a whole with a plethora of meetings, conferences and exhibitions staged in the finest art galleries and exhibition venues. The goal is not only to talk about fashion, but also to acquaint the general public with the great masters of contemporary photography, savvy curators and emerging new talents. The focus is on the close link between image and style showcased through the work of great designers and fashion photography raconteurs.

The key point of the Vogue Photo Festival is Base Milano in via Bergognone. “A conversation with Vanessa Beecroft” is the key event, when the great artist will be interviewed by Alessia Glaviano, senior photo editor at Vogue Italy. After Vanessa Beecroft, the actual programme starts and will last until Saturday 26 November, with shows dedicated to the multifaceted views of a camera lens. The many meetings include an interview with chief editor at La Repubblica Mario Calabresi on 25 November at 6.30 pm, and a talk dedicated to Armin Linke’s exhibition at Pac – the contemporary art pavilion in Milan – on 26 November at 3.30 pm.

Besides Base Milano, the Armani Silos and Palazzo Reale will also be hosting the festival, thus creating a red thread among galleries and schools of photography in the city. Three exhibitions are in the spotlight: the Vanessa Beecroft exhibit at Palazzo Reale in the Appartamenti del Principe, open until 29 November; The Female Gaze at Base Milan open until 26 November; and, in the new zona Tortona location, the 30 best photographers selected by PhotoVogue.