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Waiting for 2017

Philipp Plein has surprised us once more with a super-rock collection for a 2017 year full of unbridled glamour. A unique design, collection after collection, has to redefine an original style for people who want to boldly show their personality.

The international lifestyle brand Philipp Plein has always been interested in art, architecture and foreign cultures, suggesting the true works of art to wear. His items are first of all sculptures that deliver a new image of women who think outside the box. For 2017 Philipp Plein imagines a woman ready to unleash her personality, dominating the world with femininity and swagger. Modern heroines, capable of daring in style as in life.

The result is a collection made of contrasting hints of sweetness and toughness, with references to sports, to give women an attitude that looks to the future in an unconventional way. The lines are crisp and tight, in a range of gold, black and silver tones with accents of blue and red. Jumpsuits are decorated with fur and metal breastplates, while materials include leather. The cuts are geometric with some graphic laser decorated inserts with Swarovski crystals and metallic sequins.

A game of contrasts that is the basis of the Philipp Plein style, which makes it attractive and unmistakable. But at the same time, the original boldness of his style meets the sweetness of black lace, a romantic femininity that unfolds along an underground universe of luxury.

Even the Philipp Plein man recalls a post-modern, futuristic universe to which the designer has been inspired. The T-shirts are graphic, trousers super skinny, coats and jackets are decorated with large hinges and biker jackets have padded shoulders and are worn atop classic knitwear.