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Unique, exclusive and full of passion

Philipp Plein’s unique and exclusive style awaits you at The Mall Florence with new winter creations.

The history of the Philipp Plein brand is at least unusual. In 2000, the German designer – with a passion for architecture, art and culture – launched a collection of interior and exterior furniture accessories made of steel and leather. His strong interest in leather craftsmanship led him to experiment with leather garments and accessories, and so it was that in 2004 he presented his first fashion collection for men, women and children, establishing himself internationally as a luxury fashion brand with a bold, unconventional and feisty rock soul. The Philipp Plein collections are a perfect blend of luxury, impeccable quality and unique style, with leather as a signature trademark. Research, creativity and attention to detail are ubiquitous in every collection, destined particularly to a strong, young and demanding woman.

The Philippe Plein brand distinguishes itself with the forceful nature of a unique style driven by people and creativity and resulting in fashion for trend-setters rather than followers. His collections are a tribute to strong people who transform their inner desires into reality through fashion. Modern and cosmopolitan, extreme and transgressive, with shiny and opaque details, Philipp Plein‘s winter style is essential and evocative, exclusive and fascinating, and stimulates the senses with contrasting colours, reflections and shadows.