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The new line

A new brand is also a new concept for Philipp Plein, who interprets sportswear for him and her according to the bold style that the German brand has accustomed us to.

The first Philipp Plein sportswear collection is dedicated to luxury and designed to position itself halfway between technical clothing and more traditional sport lines. Yet the inspiration doesn’t come from classic sports: Philipp Plein has drawn on Infamous Heroes – unknown athletes who nonetheless have garnered thousands of followers. These base-jumpers, house-runners and other leaders of alternative sports are not mainstream, but certainly popular.

The creations are taken care of in their smallest details and develop cutting-edge technologies for a top level sporting performance. The collection – whose logo is a tiger and its scratch – is suitable for men and women alike. Philipp Plein‘s sports wardrobe stands out in the sportswear scene for its monochromatic palette, a solution found by the designer to express a contemporary, pure and at the same time technical vision. Strictly emphasizing an athletic spirit, sneakers with air suspension soles made of ultra-light technical fabrics and decorated with skulls and studs are in perfect Phillip Plein style.

The same look features in the outerwear, with multi-pocket waistcoats and reflective panels, while padded coats come with fur-lined hoods and wind-breakers are made of strictly breathable fabrics. The prim jackets have leather sleeves, whereas nylon bombers showcase durable metal parts and ribbed details. Throughout the collection – from basketball hats to socks, to vintage-looking napa jackets – the brand’s passion for decorating and enhancing garments is made blatant by metal letters, studs and raised skulls.