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Vintage food en route

La Cucina di Pescepane restaurant has just opened, offering fish street food in a charming venue in the S. Ambrogio area in Florence.

The fish street food formula is in keeping with the spirit that let Pescepane conquer squares, festivals and private parties on their vintage Apecar food truck. Strong flavors where bread and fish combine, as the restaurant name would suggest, are the highlight on the menu. You fill out your own orders at the table, with dishes quickly delivered in an easy-going and unpretentious service.

The culinary offer is limited to a selection of seasonal dishes, including pescepane – fish and bread – , a sandwich with fried anchovies and mozzarella, which is among the starters and comes on a crouton, while the most sophisticated dishes include fried fish with imperial Argentinean shrimp and select seafood served with vegetable crudités, anchovies and sardines with fennel and almond bread, crunchy panzanella and mussels, clams and shrimp.

Bread is the common ingredient, a perfect base for the key element, fish. Spaghetti and any type of pasta are replaced with soups, creams and seafood soups. Every day the chef offers a few unique dishes, depending on the ingredients available. A selection of quality sorbets created ad hoc by Carapina closes the Pescepane menu.

The Pescepane facilities have been completely renovated, with herringbone patterns filling the entire space, walls and furniture, giving the place an old port vintage air, with light green as an aptly dominant hue. Some furnishings have been crafted from repurposed wine crates, other elements are typically marine, such as fishing creels transformed into lamps, and ropes instead of curtains. The dishes come in blue and white metal bowls in full boat style.