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The intimate spirit of a style icon

The Peekaboo bag by Fendi is a timeless style icon, synonym with class and excellent craftsmanship. It bespeaks an intimate soul and will surprise you with its hidden and embellished inside pockets that only become visible thanks to contrasting fabrics and textures. These bags are elegant without being showy, crying out for attention or bragging about the luxury that they embody.

The name of this classic item from the Fendi maison recalls children’s surprise, a wink and a nod at the discreet transparencies and openings that let you see the inside, hinting to an ironic and refined sensuality. Entirely stitched by hand in Roman Leather following the traditional techniques used by the Fendi master artisans, these bags are timelessly elegant, to match any taste at any time.

Thanks to the made to order service, available in selected Fendi boutiques, you can have your Peekaboo bag customised. Choose your own fabric, details and finishings.