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Traditional Tuscan cuisine with a twist

Tucked in the San Frediano area in Florence, the Osteria personale – also known as iO – offers a menu and atmosphere that liken it to a Parisian bistrot.

It opened in 2010 under the initiative and entrepreneurship of Matteo Fantini, who has given Florence a restaurant that boasts a cosmopolitan clientèle and innovative cuisine. Surrounded by arts and crafts shops that once again take Florence back to its past, the Osteria Personale used to be a deli and has preserved the wooden ceilings and brick walls. It consists of a single, long and narrow room – typical of the historical centre – where the tables are lined up. A steep staircase leads to an immaculate wine cellar where particular care is given to labels and local producers. Materials such as iron, wood and stone are seamlessly blended with comfort and elegance. Rediscovering traditional flavours and fresh produce are key for iO’s chefs who have concocted a menu that aims to bring out the flavours of local foods and seasonal fruit and vegetables. Raw foods are left unaltered so as to enjoy the flavours that are typical of traditional Tuscan cuisine and yet reinterpreted with a very “personal” twist. This is not a restaurant with a typical menu offering a first and second course and side dishes.

These are divided according to their main ingredient: fish, meat or vegetables. Among the fish options we can recommend the Salty almond cream, Crunchy celery and Pink pepper Amberjack tartare and the Cauliflower cream, Green apple, Black olives and Coriander Codfish fillet. Meat is on the menu too, with a choice among Pioppini mushrooms, Blueberries, Spinach cream and Crunchy bacon Fowl breastor the Chestnut purée, Turnip tips and Red wine reduction Siena boar fillet. Last but not least come desserts with classics such as Rosemary rice pudding, Extra-virgin olive oil White chocolate Hot cream, as well as a “personal” favourite, a mouthwatering tiramisu. This innovative gastronomic tale has something to suit all tastes and will soon become your “personal” favourite too.