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Frames of Life is the campaign launched by Giorgio Armani in 2010 to recount stories and fragments of everyday life: the protagonists are ourselves, and the co-protagonists are the glasses signed by Giorgio Armani.This year, the Giorgio Armani 2013 glasses presented by the Frames Of Life campaign tell us the story of Carlos, a smiling, serene young man, who loves life and is in love with a beautiful girl, whose face we never see.

He gets up in the morning, puts on his round-framed eyeglasses, prepares breakfast. The light filtering in from the window provides an interesting stimulus for his passion: cinema. He takes a few shots with his Super8, a small television camera of vintage taste.

Later, on his bicycle, wearing a pair of dark glasses recalling those of the ’fifties, he flies off to work. He puts on a black shirt and, again wearing his glasses, with great elegance and dedication we watch him serving tables at a café.

Carlos realises he’s being watched: hidden behind a column, a mysterious blonde girl is shooting pictures of him with a Super 8 ciné-camera. It’s his girlfriend, who wants to surprise him! The scene ends with a smile.

The square used as the location is the same in each of the four campaigns shot so far. One wonders whether the actors of Frames of Life will meet each other one day…

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