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The Big Apple is in a flutter… Lincoln Center is opening its doors to outfitters to start the big preparations for the eagerly-awaited New York Fashion Week, one of the “Big Four”, alongside the fashion weeks of Paris, Milan, and London, the world’s four biggest events that put fashion in the limelight.

Having peeked in on the shows in Paris we got a little foretaste of this winter’s trends, which seem to be about comfortable luxury, fairy-tale winters, prints from exotic to ethereal, and classic lines with transparent fabrics, and a timeless romantic style. This Parisian melange might not catch on in Manhattan, with its bolder tastes, prediction for strong lines and underground touches, with an undercurrent of trash and over-the-topness that make it unique. But, who knows what might happen as, after all, it’s the spectators that dictate the real trends.

The real show will take place for all to see in the streets of New York, welcoming stars, bloggers, fashionistas, journalists, trendsetters, and many others with their extravagant outfits, seeking the attention of the cool hunters.

A little tip to get journalists and photographers to shine their lights your way: choose clothes that are taxi yellow, Empire State Building gray, Central Park green, and shocking pink, in Carrie Bradshaw style and you will definitely succeed in getting noticed.

The wait is almost over. Manhattan will open its doors to the world of fashion from February 6 to 13.

Stay tuned.