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Ten years of music and visual environment

Nextech is one of the longest running electronic music and visual art festivals in Italy. Held since 2006 in evocative settings with the intent of bringing to Florence the best international electronic music and the best visual artists, it has become part and parcel of the art and music scene of the city. This year the Nextech Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary with an exclusive premiere on Thursday 8th September: the presentation of the new album by Backwords in the Sala Vanni.

Backwords is the solo project from Pardo, the founder and guitar player of the landmark band Casino Royale. His latest album is an intimate and profound exploration of the mysterious space where man and machine meet through the use of analog synchs, electronic drums and vintage sound machines. It will be a night of experimentation featuring also Greg Haines, a young musician spawned from the school of the great masters of contemporary classical music and legit electronic music like Philip Glass. Haines’s music is a harmonious mix of mellow piano tunes, delicate cello textures and synthetic electro-acoustic sounds, suspended between classical minimalism and electronic experimentation.

On Friday 9th September the Viper Theatre will house another premiere: the presentation of the latest album by Andy Stott published in May. Stott’s music is unique in its peculiar crossover style which never settles in one genre, but leaps from the depths of techno and the broken rhythms of garage to slow house and hyperactive footwork.

On Saturday 10th September the Nextech Festival will move to the Fortezza da Basso, the temple of techno. Teo Daddi will present a dynamic dj set ranging seamlessly from dub to techno while creating a unique energy-laden atmosphere. He will leave the stage to the Dutch master Speedy J, regarded as one of the pioneers of techno, who together with such artists as Laurent Garnier and Aphex Twin has contributed significantly to the popularisation of the genre. The curtain will be called by Ilario Alicante, one of the very few producers to maintain a vital relationship with the dancefloor.

The Nextech Festival is coming with its varied menu of the most refined and innovative sounds through to mainstream beats and all that’s in between, tracing the evolution of electronic music. Save the date.