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September’s fashion

Back from the holidays, here is the perfect palette to stay in touch with nature and a lasting pleasant climate.

A light, neutral shade that recalls both sand and soil. Elegant and discreet, beige is a reference point for all brands, even in its darker and warmer shades. In 1914 the inventor of the gabardine Thomas Burberry used breathable and waterproof fabric for his overcoats, and to this day the beige, white, black and red chequered interior is one of the most recognizable symbols of contemporary luxury.

In ancient times purple was the most precious and expensive dye in the world, typical for the rich and for royalty. In modern times, purple is still associated with opulence and zest for life, although technology has made its production widespread. An appropriate colour for women with unshakable self-esteem, but also for those with pure and noble passions such as wine. September is in fact the ideal month for this colour which, in all its black and red shades, reminds us of the wine that is produced at this time of year.

Nature’s colour par excellence, especially in this period where the theme of sustainability is at the heart of all fashions. Green is a colour with a deep historical value, crossing cultures and generations: natural colours were easily available, even in ancient times. A colour that was often associated with historical events: in the 1940s military green was worn by women to express solidarity with the soldiers, in the sixties it was rather considered a unisex colour, suitable for celebrating the sexual and social revolution. In the 2000s it is the undisputed symbol of an eco-sustainable and ecological awareness.