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The perfect gifts to make her happy

Also this year Mother’s Day arrived, the day to thank her and try to make her happy with a special gift.

To those who claim that “diamonds make happiness” today we say they are wrong! A gift made from the heart by one’s children can sometimes strike more than an expensive gift.  Unleash your creativity and think of a gift that will amaze her, if instead you have confused ideas this article will help you!

Here are 5 ideas to make her smile:

1 – Handmade greeting card

We know, it seems obvious but we assure you that it is no coincidence if it is the most popular idea. Taking the time to create and write an exciting ticket always hits the hearts of those who receive it and makes children feel a little bit more. We advise you to do it anyway, both as a gift and to do it together with a manual gift;

2 – Cake all for her

Take some time to prepare a cake, do it especially if you are not used to preparing them, you will leave her speechless! If, on the other hand, you are an experienced cook, prepare a new one with ingredients that you like, try it and amaze her!

3 – Small daily gesture

Sometimes to surprise her, just change something in her daily life, then prepare a personalized breakfast or lunch. Make sure she doesn’t have to worry about anything, make her feel like a real queen!

4 – Personalized soap

Don’t worry, it’s simpler than you think. Take already made soap, melt them in a pot over medium heat wait until an homogeneous mixture is obtained. Once ready, add a few drops of the essential oil you prefer and if you want to color them, use food coloring. You can custom the shapes of the soap using cookie cutters or ice lolly molds. Create a basket to collect them, voilà the gift is served!

5 – Home-made body product

You could create an orange, cinnamon and ginger face and body scrub. Squeeze the orange and scratch the peel of the fruit, add a few drops of cinnamon and ginger essential oil, 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 or more teaspoons of corn flour to make the dough compact. Put the scrub in a glass jar and pack it nicely. On internet there are recipes for all tastes, you can also create more jars with different products!