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Symbols and colours adorn Jeremy Scott’s fashion

Collection after collection Moschino’s fashion has marvelously grown under Jeremy Scott’s guidance. His evolution in style and vision hasn’t affected the brand’s unique character, made of irony, iconic images, lettering and bright colours, a eyebrow-raising blend of fashionable tech.

Moschino’s collection designed by Jeremy Scott for Fall 2017 is a true tribute to youth pop culture and London subcultures of the 90s. Strong and fully saturated colours dominate both men’s and women’s outerwear, deceiving the eye with prints that faithfully reproduce pleats in trompe-l’oleil effects with shadows and reflections, making them look like completely different fabrics. The collection is also inspired by the visionary art of the artists’ duo Gilbert & George, reinterpreting some of their most important and famous works. Jeremy Scott himself explains the reasons for this tribute:

“There are many reasons why Gilbert & George’s work is linked to mine: the saturated colours, slogans and provocative nature of many of their subjects. I feel not only a visual link with their art, but also an emotional feeling, so I’m honored to transfer G & G’s vision into my fashion and create a set of two.”
The short dresses and accessories by Moschino are full of colour thanks to the prints by British artists Gilbert & George. Tartan lamps, amphibians and jackets like the bomber and the parka contribute to the grunge period and musical culture. The knit cardigans decorated with oversized faces in 70s style, crucifixes that remind us of the 1982 Faith of the Faith and then floral decorative patterns taking us back to the Tate Gallery.