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Light festival in Florence

The Christmas appointment in Florence is the Light Festival, which for a month, from 8 December to 6 January, will redesign the night face of the city. The event will give new light to squares and monuments through video-mapping, projections, light show and artistic installations and will propose exhibitions, educational activities, special visits to museums, shows and cultural encounters. The theme of the festival was inspired by the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing, the arrival point of an unprecedented feat that has left us with a great legacy.

Moon F-Light, this is the title chosen for the 2019 edition, as always involves many spaces in the city: from Ponte Vecchio to Piazza Santa Maria Novella, from Palazzo Medici Riccardi to Oltrarno, without forgetting the towers and gates of the city, which, together with the neighborhoods outside the historic center, they enjoy special attention. Symbol of the unstoppable curiosity that moves man, the Moon will be the leitmotif that will travel the light games of F-light, reserving the usual place of choice for light, a source of universal energy.

New for 2019 are the Christmas trees commissioned to three famous artists: Michelangelo Pistoletto (1933), Mimmo Paladino (1948) and Domenico Bianchi (1955), who have been asked to interpret the traditional forms of the fir tree, an image of celebration and hope. The Three Artist Trees, designed by the Museo Novecento, will be in Piazza della Repubblica, in Piazza Santa Maria Novella and in Piazza Santissima Annunziata: three site-specific works of 18 meters in height. Pistoletto, Paladino and Bianchi have transformed tradition in line with their personal artistic language, while retaining something of the popular and ritual nature of the ancient Christmas symbol. The Paladino tree, in front of the Museo Novecento, is characterized by a sequence of numbers made of bright neon lights. A tombola for Florence is the title, which alludes to the tradition of one of the most popular games to play on Christmas. In the Renaissance Piazza SS. Annunziata, Domenico Bianchi’s tree is made of signs that are repeated and that create an apparent, spatial and temporal movement, placing itself in direct relationship with cosmology. Full and empty spaces will be drawn on its surface which will play on transparencies, letting light from inside.