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Events and historical re-enactments

Monteriggioni di Torri is crowned

In July, the charming mediaeval village of Monteriggioni is the setting for the 26th of a festival that re-enacts the arts, games and festivals from the time of Dante. A fascinating subject that, once past the castle gates, invites you to enter a timeless experience with splendour, culture, and carefree fun. Music, dancing, fun, and shows, performed in a Monteriggioni populated by artisan workshops (re-enacting the trades of the 13th and 14th centuries) are what this whole festival is about. It begins on the 7th July with a street banquet and continues with shows for all types of audience, performed by Europe’s best street artists, in a fantastic setting.

Ph (Michele Piccardo).
Mercantia – Certaldo
“I giorni dell’abbondanza” [Days of Plenty] is the subject of Mercantia 2016, the 29th edition of the international street theatre festival, held in Certaldo (Florence) from Wednesday 13th to Sunday 17th July 2016, once again confirming Certaldo’s position as the symbolic home of street theatre in Italy, with a programme that combines traditional street art with innovative, experimental performances. Piazzas, streets, towers and crypts in the charming village of Certaldo Alto, the home of Giovanni Boccaccio, welcome the different performance arts – mime, troubadours, circus, puppet theatre, prose, research, dance, street band, etc. – from Italy and abroad. During Mercantia, it is possible to visit Palazzo Pretorio, a 12th-century building with frescoes and works by Benozzo Gozzoli, and the Casa di Boccaccio, a museum and specialist library, in the home where Boccaccio lived and died in 1375.


Festival Medievale Laterina
During the last week in July, the Castle of Laterina, just a short way from Arezzo, is transformed and restored to its ancient splendour by its Mediaeval Festival. A wealth of acts for 2016, scheduled for 29th, 30th and 31st July: street theatre, fire performances, stilt walkers and fancy women, plus the unmissable clown, Barabba, who this year will be flanked by a witch, healer, and a fortune teller. Plus music, acrobats and jugglers, a mediaeval market, jousting and much, much more. Over the three days of the festival, it is possible to see the castle guard on the military field, and the faithfully reconstructed war machines. You can also visit Torre Guinigi, watch the processions and historical re-enactments, try out games of skill, and walk hand in hand through the romantic squares and streets of the Castle of Laterina.