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How to organize a perfect lunch out of town

This year more than ever, there is a great desire to finally enjoy the outdoors, a picnic out of town is just what you need for a perfect May day.

In this article, we show you some tips that should not be underestimated to organize your outdoor adventure. Follow our little guide!

1 – Check the weather

Yes we know, it seems like a foregone conclusion, but deciding to have a picnic with varying weather conditions can be a real catastrophe! Always prefer predominantly sunny conditions.

2 – Aesthetics is not enough …

For a real picnic you certainly cannot miss a nice large basket, the advice we give you however is to bring with you also a thermal pack with ice to get fresh drinks in a moment!

3 – Protect the tablecloth

No, we don’t mean that you don’t have to dirty it but that you should think of something waterproof to put between the tablecloth and the ground. Remember that the lawn is often wet, better to avoid placing the dishes on a damp surface.

4 – Watch out for the menu

Release your imagination in preparing everything you can eat with your hands, avoid complicated foods to eat. Another important thing is to pack food in single portions in order to allow you to eat easily. Also bring something to nibble like raw cut vegetables and cheeses to be cut on the spot for the hungry.

5 – No to disposable plastic

There are many reasons, ecology above all but also the convenience of a rigid dish to eat on. Remember point 4, if a menu is well studied, the dishes to bring will be very few and most things will only need is a napkin.

6 – Did someone say paper napkins?

No, nobody said it and you don’t even have to think about it! For a real picnic, the only permitted napkin is the one in cotton, the eye wants its part … and the nature as well!

7 – The company changes some rules …

What type of picnic are you organizing? If it is a couple picnic, bring wine glass, for two people it is a sacrifice that can be done, and the chic atmosphere is served!