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Exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi

Palazzo Strozzi hosts a major exhibition dedicated to Marina Abramović, one of the most celebrated and controversial personalities of contemporary art, who has revolutionized the idea of performance by testing her body, its limits and its potential for expression.

The event is an extraordinary exhibition that brings together over 100 works by the artist, offering an overview of the most famous works of her career, from the 60s to the 2000s. It includes videos, photographs, paintings, objects, installations and the live re-enactment of her famous performances by a group of actors specifically selected and trained for the purpose. For the first time a woman will be the unquestioned protagonist of an exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi. Marina Abramović has taken up the challenge of using the Renaissance building as a single exhibition space, combining Piano Nobile, Strozzina and the courtyard, a unique and difficult setting for an art performance. Marina Abramović’s work talks about research and the desire to experience emotional and spiritual transformation. As the artist recalls, the title of the exhibition, The Cleaner, refers to a particular creative and existential moment and is a reflection of the artist on her own life.

In this exhibition she reflects on her long career in a special venue such as Palazzo Strozzi in Italy, a country of significance in the biography and evolution of her artistic career. The exhibition offers an extraordinary opportunity to discover the complexity of Marina Abramović’s art, whose works range from strong, violent and risky actions to gestural and silent energy exchanges, up to live encounters with the public, which in recent years have become increasingly important in her pieces.