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No need to look perfect to become a style icon, but you must have charm, good fashion-sense, a beautiful smile and a strong personality.

Hollywood has regaled us with so many male style icons over the years, so let’s take a glance at the most charismatic, most glamorous and coolest figures and take our inspiration from them.

We’ve often seen that great actor Robert Redford in perfect country style, with a check shirt or jeans, but he’s never lacked an elegant suit. Indeed we have often admired him wearing a dinner jacket with elegance and style: the perfect California gentleman.

Johnny Depp manages to change his look with great ease, and always remains on top, ranging with absolute naturalness from a pirate to an English aristocrat. Although his style is not strictly elegant, his charm conquers both men and women. Lately, he has been wearing glasses with round frames that give him a much more intriguing and serious look.

Amongst the Italians, we must include Marcello Mastroianni: a great actor, appreciated throughout the world not only for his talent, but also for his class and elegance, the perfect image of a fascinating man full of style.

Pierfrancesco Favino is one of our best-loved Italian actors at international level: his dark glasses and deep voice are his winning cards. His casual style makes him a real Latin lover.

Who is the male style icon that inspires you most? Tell us in the Comments.