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New make-up styles


Bold, graphic, defined make-up. These are the make-up trends for summer 2016. A season all about rainbows with a palette and combinations to astound and enjoy.

Every shade of blue, from turquoise to petrol and midnight. There is something with more than a hint of the 80s about it, but which adapts perfectly to today’s ultra-modern glam style. Blue is the new black. This year’s go-to colour. Use on lashes to enhance the whites of the eyes and bring out the full beauty of the iris. Brown eyes will look brighter, while the gold flashes of green eyes are brought out to the full. Used all over the upper lid, blue makes eyes protrude less, while blending blue on the outside of the eye will make it look bigger. If the darker shades of blue are perfect to modulate and blend a look, the paler shades (sky blue, turquoise, pale blue and aquamarine) are the ones to choose to set off a tan and for creating graphic, geometric solutions.

For Giorgio Armani mascara takes on a new colour – red, to be exact – for truly hypnotic results. Eccentrico is the name of this new mascara, a brand new product from Giorgio Armani Beauty. A particular mascara, not just because of the palette – which ranges from Armani blue to rust red, passing via brown – but also for the finished results.
This is a multi-purpose mascara with deep tones and a red lacquered applicator. Elegant lashes with more volume and length: Giorgio Armani Beauty has come up with a product to sculpt and add definition to lashes. For eyes with a deep, mysterious look.