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The international success story of entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti. Food and lifestyle merge in a union that is setting trends

“We are what we eat”, according to the German philosopher Feuerbach, who well understood the importance of food in everyone’s lives. It seems that Oscar Farinetti — the “serial entrepreneur” as The Economist dubbed him — got the same message.

With revenues surging worldwide and new openings set for 2017 in London and Paris, this is the Italy everyone loves.

Italian eating sets the example and has become fashionable. Eataly is not just about selling food. It teaches about the supply chain of a food’s origins, to help us understand how essential the quality of each ingredient is.

The link between food and fashion in Italy is natural, considering how inseparable cuisine is from our culture.
This is the culture that seduces connoisseurs “more than the Maserati brand,” also according to the in-the-know opinion of The Economist.

This phenomenon has been helped along the social networks and the widespread of information they allow, with the posting of delicious food as trendy as posting Instagram selfies with the it-bag of the day. And so the distance contracts between a gourmet and a couturier.
Or: tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you…where you are.

Eataly is in Florence at Via dè Martelli, 22R.