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Footwear with a sublime touch

As refined footwear goes, the sublime Aquazzura touch embodies a feminine style made of luxury and exclusive designs.

Acquazzura, born in 2011 from Edgardo Osorio’s intuition and inspiration, has introduced a new concept of female footwear with glamorous, sensual shoes that boast a contemporary and comfortable design. Aquazzura has its heart in Florence and is inspired by the tradition of luxury craftsmanship, mixing the typically European aesthetic sense with modern Latin-American elegance.
Aquazzura shoes are worn by trendsetters, Hollywood stars, European royal families and icons of the fashion world. The Aquazzura creations are in fact created to meet the needs of modern women and are the result of the research carried out by footwear technicians who pursue perfection without compromise.

This endless research has allowed Aquazzura to develop seminal collaborations like the latest one with supermodel Claudia Schiffer, resulting in a collection of eight models for day and night, inspired by the beauty’s style. These shoes are perfect for every occasion, a mini collection that combines the charm of an icon with Aquazzura’s savoir faire. “As soon as I met Edgardo”, says Claudia, “we started talking about fashion and it was clear that we agreed on many things. Creating this mini collection was a pure pleasure. And I hope that the women who wear our models will feel just as gratified”.
The 2018 winter collection consists of suede ankle boots with velvet upper, brocade effect decorations and embossed applications. A constellation of beaded embroidery radiates from the Dorado Aquazzura boots in indigo stretch satin. Their designer thigh-high boots with high heels are dedicated to all fashionistas and women who aim to amaze.