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A cascade of precious metals

Spring at Pomellato is full of bright colours that radiate from precious stones and golden hues from shiny metals.

Synonymous with extraordinary creativity and colour, the Pomellato brand was born in Milan in 1967 from an intuition of the heir of a family of goldsmiths. The brand boasts a strong identity in line with fashion trends. It developed quickly to establish itself on the Italian market and in the international jewellery sector. Expressing its original and innovative spirit through sophisticated combinations of coloured stones, special cuts and a creative ensemble of impeccable craftsmanship, Pomellato has become the symbol of modern beauty and unconventional style.

Pomellato’s is a timeless art, where quality meets a new way of interpreting luxury. A perfect balance between past and future, tradition and innovation, rigour and experimentation, coupled with a bold touch and incomparable sensuality. An art which combines unique metals such as the distinctive pink gold, precious and rare diamonds and coloured gemstones extracted in the most remote places on Earth. This meticulous selection of semi-precious stones give life to a new idea of luxury and contemporary jewellery.

Every day, over 100 craftsmen apply strict and perfect know-how in the Pomellato atelier. From the initial concept to their final creation, every single jewel comes to life after hours of intense work and casting. Also known as lost wax casting, the method dates back to 3500 BC. It allows for delicate lines and soft shapes, letting Pomellato artisans enrobe women’s jewellery with unique charm.