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One of the most interesting and current fashion blogs is Love Hand Made; a fascinating space designed with great care and attention by Barbara Valentina Grimaldi. There you can browse, read and draw inspiration.

Barbara Valentina is an elegant woman of sophisticated beauty. She is chic and immaculate, even when just wearing a top and a pair of sport shorts, just imagine what she is like when wearing a must have item like a little black dress with all the right accessories!

There are so many fascinating pages to discover, along with Barbara Valentina herself, who with every post tells us all about the little snippets about her life. Between a blog post and a photo it is always fun learning more about Barbara and her passions.

Here is the interview that she gave us so we could get to know her a little better.

How much time do you devote to managing your blog? Is it an activity that could be considered a job?

In terms of my devotion to the blog, it could well be the equivalent of a full-time job. There are so many different aspects to manage: the blog design, editing blog posts and the photos. I have many different projects other than my blog so I never spend as much time on it as I would like. In any case a blog is ultimately a job in all respects, if managed professionally.

What makes your blog different from the others?

I think it’s different mainly because the members of my team and I deal with so many different aspects in a very professional way. And then a blog of course is a bit like a diary, so it is the person writing it who really makes the difference, it’s something deeply personal.

How would you define your style, and what is the outfit in which you feel most at home, in your everyday life?

I love black and I love white, and I love clothes with simple lines, so probably a sweater and skinny jeans with a high line. It’s the accessories that make the difference, so I keep the colourful and fashionable touches for my bags and shoes.

We’d love to know how much you’re influenced by the latest fashion trends… Do you think it’s possible to follow fashion trends without losing your originality and your style?

Absolutely. Fashion has never been so non-prescriptive as it is today, and right now almost anything can be considered fashion. So there are of course fashionable trends, but the interpretations of them are always endless.

Tell us about the preparation of a shoot, from planning to then completing the corresponding blog post.

Everything starts with an idea, an item of clothing or an accessory and that’s how you start putting together an outfit. The outfit itself then leads you to choose a location and the type of photo. Sometimes though you can also do it the other way round.

Do you know the The Mall Outlet? Have you ever been there?

I do know it! I’d love to have the chance to visit.

I’m going out for dinner with a guy I like: help me make a good impression! What should I wear? What make-up should I wear?

Choose a strong feature and draw attention to it but keep it simple: don’t go too far. Choose a look that tells him a little about you and that makes you feel confident. Show who you are by using natural make-up that highlights the parts of your face that you like the most but without exaggerating. Men like points that are beautiful but simple.

Who is your style icon?

There are so many: Hanneli Mustaparta, Olivia Palermo and Sarah Jessica Parker are the first that come to mind.

What are the brands that you like the most amongst those on sale at The Mall?

I love McQueen, Sergio Rossi and Dior.

You have many followers: do you feel a bit like a style icon for them? How does this impact on your everyday life?

Rather than thinking of myself as a style icon, which suggests a one-way relationship with many people, instead I like to think that I’m creating a space to communicate with my followers and for them to interact with one another. On my blog I talk about style but also about many other things, like my experiences. The best part is sharing them with my followers but also reading their thoughts, their feedback, and discovering similarities about one another.

What are your favourite blogs?

Kayture, Fashion Toast, and The Cherry Blossom Girl are among my favorites.

Tell us about your plans: what do you see yourself doing in five years? And in twenty-five?

I don’t like making such long-term plans. That far into the future I hope to be a star, keeping up the plans that I have at the moment; keeping my passion for life but always with the capacity for being surprised and enthusiastic about new things. I think that that itself is ambitious.