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Outfits that made history

The seventieth edition of the Sanremo festival will also be remembered for the great return of fashion as main character of the artists’ performances.

Some of the greatest designers and international brands, but especially the Italian one, have dressed the most famous singers in each of the editions of the Festival. This is a combination of music and fashion, rich and indissoluble both for the artists and for the public who witness the launch of the new proposals.

How can we forget the warm yellow double-breasted jacket by Domenico Modugno when he opens the jacket and launches his Volare – the first international success of the 1958 Festival. Or the rising star of Rock’n Roll, Adriano Celentano who in 1961 wears a large jacket and soft pants that clears the classic institutional suit: the tuxedo. A sensual dress accompanies the piece by Iva Zanicchi from 1974 while still remembering the dress with crossed hood and uncovered belly by Anna Oxa from 1986. At the 1989 Festival Mia Martini presented her timeless Almeno tu nell’universo, wrapped in a polka dots with a gipsy flavor by Giorgio Armani.

In recent times, the last 2019 edition had triumphed Mahmood wearing MSGM designer outfits such as the camel coat, with patterned motifs in maroon and coral colors and tropical-style shirts. The 2020 performances were instead characterized by style and extravagance: Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Etro and Alberta Ferretti just to name a few. Important brands that accompanied the artists on the stage of the Ariston Theater for this seventieth edition.