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Autumn / Winter 2017

Alberta Ferretti’s contemporary style is a hymn to autumn and femininity. Floral embroidery, black velvet, satin details and the exclusive collection signed by Alberta Ferretti give women a new light.

Alberta Ferretti draws inspiration from an idea of femininity that is rooted in flora and fauna. The symbols in her dresses are many, but they all take from the same imaginative, refined, luxurious light, which is expressed in choice fabrics and colors. The 70s taste and style meets with a Victorian sense by offering a large array of necessary and unmissable pieces.

Alberta Ferretti’s autumn collection is as always sophisticated and ethereal. Decorations, precious fabrics and motifs recall the animal kingdom for perfect day dresses: as always, the main feature of Alberta Ferretti’s creations is great attention to detail and tailoring skills. In this collection extreme femininity meets animal-like fantasies and Savannah-inspired hues for a wild and full-bodied touch. Alberta Ferretti creates a perfect balance between the lightest and impalpable clothes and warm fur items. Fabrics are the most suitable for the season and include satin, tweed and velvet, to be worn during the day and in the evenings.

Alberta Ferretti’s touch also appears in masculine coats and fur coats. Gentle dresses with floral prints can be worn with statement shoes and boots. Representing a gentle spirit and uncompromising femininity, epochs are blended in a contemporary mix of styles.