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Wines between land and sea

Liguria is between land and sea, where the Mediterranean and the territory offer precious wines and very special organoleptic experiences.

The identity of Ligurian wines is due to the particular geographical characteristics of the territory: narrow valleys, steep hills and mountains overlooking the sea that make the cultivation of vines adventurous. Producing wines in Liguria therefore requires a great passion. However, Liguria is characterized by a Mediterranean climate that alternates rather mild winters with cool summers allowing, thanks to the sea winds, a perfect ripening of the grapes. In the innermost part of the region there is, instead, a Continental Climate characterized by strong temperature changes between day and night, ideal for giving aroma to the grapes.

Also in Sanremo, quality Ligurian wines are produced in the rugged area behind the Riviera dei Fiori: Wines rich in flavors and aromas typical of Liguria. A production that includes Vermentino, Pigato, Granaccia and Rossese, cultivated in respect of the environment, integrating the best technologies with traditional treatments. The Vermentino grapes are among the most widespread in the region, particularly the one produced in the Riviera dei Fiori, characterized by a fresh taste, delicately fruity, a quality that stands out with fish dishes, and a typical straw color. Rossese was the first Ligurian DOC wine, received recognition in 1972. This red wine has a dry and soft taste, a delicate aroma and a ruby red color, it goes well with red meats and game. The production area has its epicenter in the medieval village of Dolceacqua and Valle Nervia. The Pigato is characterized by a pleasantly aromatic, intense, bitter taste reminiscent of almonds and a more or less intense straw yellow color.