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Sartorial fashion in Rome and Abruzzo

Legendary Minds is a project by Brioni that lets us learn about the brightest minds in the world.

Brioni is the reference brand for cinema icons and personalities from the world of politics and business, starting in the village of Penne in Abruzzo – the cradle of Italian sartorial tradition – and moving on to the creation of the so-called Roman style. His innovative concept of prêt-à-couture combines an avant-garde vision of men’s fashion and the values of sartorial traditions.

Over the course of history Brioni has dressed some of the most legendary men in the world, including great personalities who have excelled in the most disparate fields, from physics to literature, from chemistry to medicine, from economics to pacifist themes. Robert Kyncl is a business executive of Czech-American origin, a pioneer in the digital media industry and chief business officer of YouTube, as well as former vice president of Netflix’s content acquisitions division. Adam Riess is an acclaimed US astrophysicist and a key figure in the Space Telescope Science Institute. He is internationally known for having used supernovae as cosmological probes in research that earned him the Nobel prize. Scott Harrison, the driving force behind global change, is the founder of Charity: Water – a non-profit organization committed to providing drinking water in developing countries. Recently, Harrison has been included as one of the most influential 40 under 40s of the future, according to Fortune magazine, and Forbes magazine lists him among the Impact 30.

Joachim Frank is a biophysicist and Nobel Prize winner in the United States, considered the inventor of the single particle cryo-microscopy, a discovery that has influenced structural biology and earned him the Nobel prize in chemistry in 2017.