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When and where to see this natural spectacle

When we think of lavender, our minds immediately turn to Provence, but nearby Liguria is another special place for anyone wishing to admire this incredible natural display. You just need to know where and when.

Naturally, the exact timing varies each year according to the climate. However, the best period is usually between June and August.

Although the whole of Liguria is home to small or large plantations, the largest fields are in the Alpi Mistiche inland from Sanremo, home to the Lavender Association of Riviera dei Fiori.

This is the birthplace of the classic Lavanda Coldinava, celebrated on the second Sunday of July with one of the country’s best-known fairs (cancelled in 2021), followed by the equally famous  market of lavender-themed artistic handcrafts of Taggia, still in Imperia province, which this year takes place on 18 July. For lavender-scented excursions between late July and mid-August, there’s the nearby area of Pietrabruna, with a circular walk that starts at the Torre Paponi farm and, a few minutes away, Boscomare, home to another exceptional lavender variety. Not far from here on 28 July, there’s the traditional Airole lavender festival, where visitors can witness lavender essence being distilled in an ancient copper still.

In Drego, high in the mountains of Molini di Triora, lie the fields where the Cugge family has grown lavender for three generations, and the Antica Distilleria Cugge, which is open to visitors with a romantic lavender walk scheduled for 21 July.

Lastly, we move a few kilometres to Levaggi in the province of Genova, and another lavender farm famous for its busy programme of events: La Lavanda di ARnico, where visits to the fields conclude with the harvest (usually in mid-July), but also continue afterwards with initiatives such as Art Therapy on 24 July and the third edition of Profumi, Suoni e Benessere on 22 August (programme to be confirmed).